What’s location got to do with it?


Happiness, it seems, has little to do with one’s circumstances. This is the view from my window. I am feeling fat and bloated and my heel with plantar fasciitis hurts as much as it ever has. I have three zits on my face for the first time since I gave up sugar many months ago.  It’s raining and I am in a foreign country by myself. I am not sure where I will sleep tonight. I don’t have a home of my own to return to, the man of my dreams has not yet located me, and it remains to be seen whether I will have work when I return to my massage practice. And yet, I am as happy as I have ever been. I have shelter, warmth and food, enough money to keep me going for the next couple weeks, and I feel completely free. That’s what I have wanted for much of my life, and I have finally, for a moment, found it. Today, in this moment, I have the experience of freedom and that is what I wish for any other human being. It is unremarkable in some ways, and incomparable in others. The feeling that I am the boss of me and the choices I make are my own.  I am happy and the past or future ain’t got nothing to do with it!


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