Finally, I Am Me

This women’s story is so inspiring. I have been playing around with my diet for so long, and the primal way of eating is the way I have found that makes me feel my best. I have just been on the road for the last couple of weeks, eating whatever I can find…including grains and sugar. I have gained weight, feel sluggish and brain foggy, have developed acne again and my digestion is not happy. I am SO excited to get home and shift my diet back to eating foods that make me feel like me (I guess I could start today :-))! And I found a juicer at the salvation army…looking forward to trying it out. Watch out veggies, here I come! Sorry, grains and sugar, you and I just do not jive! Check out the link below for Nikki’s story at, one of the “Friday success stories” submitted by his readers.

Finally, I Am Me.


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